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LED Tape.co.uk is an online retailer of LED effects lighting located in Leicester, Britain. We have many years experience selling high quality and affordable LED Strip Lights and LED Tape and have received accreditation both locally in the Leicester area and across the UK in general.

LED technology is really beginning to find the recognition it deserves in both the energy efficient and mood lighting market, and we here at LED Tape.co.uk would like to invite you to reap the benefits of this great technology as well.

LED Tape.co.uk is a trading name for Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd, registered in England and Wales. Company No: 0750 4296, VAT No: GB 111 5327 61.

When you purchase with LED Tape.co.uk you can be reassured that you are shopping with a professional, experienced company and joining a large and satisfied customer base.

Our dedicated customer service team is available weekdays between 9.00 and 17.30 while our open door business policy means that our customers are always welcome to come down to our showroom and see us in person.

In the meantime please feel free to browse through our website and read through our amazing blog to learn more about this amazing technology and what it can do for you or your business.

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Add The Best Facilities Of LED Tape For Innovative Lighting Effects

 1m LED Pixel Tape, 7.2 WBeing an innovator in LED lighting, especially the strips and tapes, ledtape.co.uk has come up with the best possible designs and highest quality. Located in Leicester in Britain, we are registered as Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd and have been retailing LED effects lighting in form of white LED tape as well as variety of RGB LED tape, for different design architectures.

  • Using LEDs in various locations and purposes – As a form of modern lighting arrangements inside and outside houses, apartments, offices and even in stage decorations, LED tape lights are being sought by people in UK, and we have become established as the providers of the top quality LED tape lighting, in single colour or multiple colours, with adhesive back in the strips. Our range of 12V LED tape has not only helped many architects in giving gorgeous designs, but these lights can also be controlled to create sublime lighting. As a result, it is possible to fit the LED tape lighting in places like under the table, across the ceiling troughs, plinth levels and in various commercial locations to create dimmed background lighting.

We have been called in by both commercial as well as individual clients to provide them with variety of LED tape lighting, with a mix of both RGB LED tape and white LED tape. As per the design requirements, these differences in the 12V LED tape can be utilised, with simply sticking them up due to the lasting adhesive glue in the back of the LED tape. These LED tape lights from our retail have gone on to decorate plenty of parties, houses and personal and public spaces across Britain and people are coming up to seek more of such innovative lighting effects.


Variety In Shopping Single Colour LED Tape:

Single Colour LED TapeIn our stocks are a variety of LED strips, including both the white light and single colour LED tape. Because of this, our customers flock to our online stores to have a pick of their favourite colours, which they use in different places. The single colour LED tape can be used as a backlight arrangement in display units, behind glass doors, party lights, inside cars and in overhead lighting displays in homes as well as in commercial spaces. Such colours can be designed to change in tint with dimmed controllers, thereby giving different perceptions at different currents and temperatures.

We have been able to manufacture the best designs for our customers, with high quality colour changing LED strip even in the single colour strips, which is achieved with proper accessories and dimmers to create varying colour perceptions.

  • Dimming and changing patterns – At ledtape.co.uk, it has been our endeavour to provide our customers with the best quality colour changing LED strip, so that they can use these for different colour effects. There are many such options in our stocks, which are sure to allure our customers, who can also check out the dimmable LED tape for giving more interesting alterations to the entire decoration. While we have been adding new and innovative colour changing LED strip varieties into our catalogue, you can be assured of the quality of these products, especially with the single colour LED tape. Maintaining high standard in the colour changing LED tape collections, we make sure that users get plenty of possibilities in their selection while shopping.


Innovative Ideas of RGB LED Controllers:

While the product range of ledtape.co.uk has been appreciated and demanded by the local residents of Britain, as well as many of the organisations, our consumers are also able toRGB Colour Touch Controller find the best controllers to give beautiful colour combinations. LED tapes of different colours are available in our retail units, but more importantly, we give you the right RGB LED controllers, which help in colour changing patterns, created when these strips or tapes are connected to the current.

  1. LED controllers of variety - It is in our range of products that you can find the choicest colours of LED tape, which are be used to create unique colour combinations and shimmering luminescence. Through the RGB tape controller, the intensity of lights is controlled, thereby making it possible for customers to know the variety of lighting arrangements that are possible in such strips. Such controllers have become the hallmark of colour changing RGB strips, which are also quite small and portable to be fixed anywhere you want in your home.
  2. Different rates of colour changes – Primarily, the colour changing LED controllers are fitted with the RGB tape, which can be made to change the colours in faster or slower frequency. Since these types of RGB LED lights have to be fitted with suitable RGB tape controller available with us, customers are not required to work with the system for much time. It is not only easy to finish the setting up process with ease, but they are specially designed for the purpose. We have some of the most advanced RGB LED controllers available in the market serving many purposes as well as helps in learning different techniques of fitting these light effects.


LED Dimmer Switches For Alternating Luminescence:

After you have purchased a variety of watts for lighting effects in your house or office, it is time to pick up the dimmers. LED dimmer switches are primarily electrical breakpoints, created artificially in the circuit of the LED strips, which allow the incandescence of these bulbs to go up and down. Lot of people in Britain now trust us at ledtape.co.uk to procure their 12V dimmer switches, so that they can have alternating light effects.

A few features about LED dimmer switches will act as guides to pick up the right kind of LED dimmer switch 12V capacity.

  1. Since the technology has been updated in our set up, all our products of 12V dimmer switches are available with the label of working properly.
  2. We are the leading LED dimmer switch suppliers in UK, with compatibility for various kinds of LED lights, ranging from bulbs to that of the strips or tapes.
  3. Quality return policy is also proffered for our customers for both bulbs and dimmers, for all the dimmable products and the circuits, for which people trust us for their LED light needs.
  4. Along with being the top LED dimmer switch suppliers, we at ledtape.co.uk endeavour to make people aware about dimmable light circuits, switches and installations.

Try our products of 12V dimmer switches from the wide range available in online portals and enjoy the ability to change the luminescence of the rooms as well as create different light effects in LED strips and tapes. A product once purchased from our units, will be sure to make you fall in love with this kind of modern day lighting.


Optimising 12v LED Power Supply For Smooth Strip Lighting:

12W 12v Power AdapterLot of people in UK are gradually warming up to the use of LED lighting in their homes and commercial establishments. In form of strips or tapes, this kind of light is in much use these days. At ledtape.co.uk, there is a wide range of LED strips available, with colour and RGB options. To run these strips and light arrangements smoothly, you will have to check your availability of 12V LED power supplies, which remains an important checkpoint for the usage of such innovative luminescence.

To be able to run your LED strips properly, without fluctuations and running out of wattage, the most essential element will be the LED power supplies. Popular belief is that these lights use very little power, which is quite true. But, this consumption can be different according to the wattage of the individual bulbs, which come into account when you are using long strips with closely situated LED bulbs. For this, the 12V power supply circuit has to be arranged in such a way that it operates under the load of all these individual bulb points.

Further attraction of the LED strips and tapes is increased by using the 12v LED power supply dimmable source, which will not only help in altering the luminescence, but also adds to the savings in power consumption. So, if people are willing to use the right kind of 12V LED power supplies available with ledtape.co.uk, there will be long lasting effects of the bulbs and the power consumption will also be less. This is because we supply the highest quality 12v LED power supply circuit, for use in particular strips and tapes.


Selecting The Right LED Drivers To Opt For Proper Strip Lighting:

Most of the LED strips or tapes being used for commercial and outdoor locations require LED drivers for lighting.LED Driver

The reasons:

  1. Normal power supplies not suitable for LED strips, outdoor tapes and colour changing and dimmable lighting, unless there are separate circuits
  2. Constant voltage output is found with house and commercial power supplies. For these special lighting strips, the LED driver circuit has to be somewhat different and the selection has to be made according to the kind of strip and the number of LED points.
  3. There are different selections of arrangements like series, parallel and matrix, for which the LED drivers are the best choice.
  4. For the right temperature to be achieved for the LED lights to glow to their incandescent ability, the LED drivers for lighting should be used, rather than the constant voltage supply in houses.
  5. More than the necessary limits of current or voltage can be harmful for the LED lights, which also impede the dimming of these lights.
  6. Most importantly, constant current is the requirement for lights rather than the normally supplied constant voltage, for which the LED driver circuit is ideal.

At ledtape.co.uk, there are plenty of options for our customers to select the best LED driver circuit, to run variety of lighting arrangements. We supply the dimmable LED drivers to the constant white light driver circuits. There are also various water proof LED drivers for outdoor fixtures, so that the best deals can be obtained by our customers, across different kinds of lighting effects.


Essential LED Power Adapters To Run Your LED Strips:

Planning to decorate your shop or house with the best looking LED strips and RGB lights, it is better to check our range of power adapters online and then decide on the best option. Visiting the portal of ledtape.co.uk will not only give you the options of buying different types of LED power adapters as per your need, you can also check out the available units that your LED strips or tapes will consume in terms of watts and amperes.

At our portal, there are clear demarcations for the wide range of commercial LED power adapter, as well as the current and voltage output from them. As a result, your choices can be done perfectly for your lighting arrangement.

Need to have LED power adapters, is there because these help in controlling the amount of current that passes through the circuits. Due to the proper current, the illumination in the bulb circuits will be optimum, thereby increasing the lifespan of these bulbs and allowing them to burn with optimum results. So, your lights will be giving out the best luminescence for the use and there will be no unnecessary changes in the brightness.

You can buy the power adapters online to suit your requirements or else check out our commercial LED power adapter section to get the best combinations. Our stocks are regularly updated so that you can get the most suitable and compatible LED power adapters for your use.

For more information and updates on our different LED Lighting solutions, you are always welcome to give us a call or contact us through our small contact form. We will be delighted to extend our support as per your exact specifications.